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Utilize PEN to Increase Your F&I Sales and Profitability

PEN exists to help Agents increase their dealers' F&I product sales through electronic ratings, form preparation and electronic contract origination or booking.

Agents can get help from PEN to prepare for and assist dealers manage the process of change through customizable setup guides and training tools.

PEN will help you:

  • Prepare for electronic contracting
  • Get your Dealers setup
  • Get your Administrators connected

Benefits to You

Benefits to your Dealers


Electronic Ratings

  • Focus your dealers on selling tactics and not on correcting rating errors
  • Maximize your training on product options to meet the consumer needs instead of complex rate calculations
  • Instant and accurate pricing to eliminate rating errors
  • Works within existing software to make the selling and contracting process easier

Forms Preparation

  • Reduce the need to carry inventory of paper contracts
  • Ensure Compliance by eliminating error and guesswork in the transaction process
  • Ensure your dealers forms are current and accurate
  • Simplified contract printing on demand to plain paper
  • Dealers will always have access to the correct forms instantly
  • Only the appropriate forms will populate for each customer

Electronic Contract Origination

  • Spot trends previously undiscovered until month end
  • Streamline the remittance process with access to audit trail data
  • Shorten remit time and get commissions faster
  • Eliminates the need to re-key data to a separate Administrator website from paper contracts
  • Increased customer service and satisfaction in claims processing