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PEN offers three main products for Aftermarket Providers:

Electronic Ratings

Why should you have to integrate to all sorts of systems just to send accurate rates to your dealers?

With PEN, you don't have to. We connect to multiple menus, DSPs and dealer point-of-sale systems so you don't have to worry about the hassle of integrating to them all. We give you one single connection in a secure and accurate environment. You no longer have to pull dealer data; we'll push whatever data you need to rate a contract to you through our PEN Certified interface. Your dealers can enjoy the benefit of a seamless process using leading DMS and menu software applications.

Benefits to you:

  • One connection to multiple dealer systems
  • Send accurate ratings to dealers no matter what system they use
  • Easier product administration through PEN
  • Makes DMS data extraction for contract registration obsolete

Benefits to your dealers:

  • Instant and accurate pricing to eliminate rating errors
  • Works within existing software so there's no change in dealer process

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Forms Preparation

Why bother with outdated forms and the hassle of keeping track of updates?

We can access your Forms Library on demand for a more streamlined process. And we'll make sure the right form is served up to the dealer at the right time with the right rates. How much easier can it get?

Benefits to you:

  • Forms will always be up-to-date
  • Reduce form shipping expenses through your electronic library
  • Increase internal efficiencies

Benefits to your dealers:

  • Simplified contract printing on demand to plain paper
  • Dealers will always have access to the correct forms instantly
  • Only the appropriate forms will populate for each customer

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Electronic Contract Origination

Why deal with the hassle of paper contracts when you can get all forms and data in one complete, electronic package?

PEN allows you to offer a completely paperless contracting process for your dealers. We'll even make sure all signatures and forms are accurate and complete before we send them to you. And, since we support a variety of dealer interfaces, we can come up with a solution that fits your unique business and technical requirements for your business.

  • eContracting

    Dealers equipped with electronic signature pads can have customers complete the deal with digital electronic signatures. Or, they can ink sign all documents and scan/fax to us you. Either way, you get all the right information electronically and directly into your system.

Benefits for you:

  • All data is sent to you electronically
  • Contracts are sent instantly to you instead of through the mail
  • No keying in data to your system from paper contracts
  • Immediate access to product sales data
  • Access to data to streamline the dealer remittance process

Benefits for your dealers:

  • Automatic registration of contracts eliminates paper or need to go to a separate website

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