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National Automotive Experts to Connect to Provider Exchange Network for e-Contracting

TROY, Mich., September 22, 2011 – Provider Exchange Network (PEN), a division of Open Dealer Exchange, LLC, has announced it has launched an integration project with National Automotive Experts (NAE) to offer dealers the ability to electronically contract Vehicle Service Contracts and other F&I products.

"NAE is continually working to improve our process as a preferred dealer partner," said Kelly Price, President of National Automotive Experts. "PEN will simplify the F&I process by making it easier for the dealer to rate products and generate the right documentation. Our dealers will spend more time selling and less time on administrative tasks because the process will be seamless within the dealer's system." This connectivity enables F&I Aftermarket Product e-contracting directly from dealer software. Embedded into the system, e-contracting functions eliminate the need for the dealership user to access multiple applications or have to re-enter critical deal data in order to complete the transaction. PEN will directly connect NAE products to four leading menu software vendors. This same technology will soon be made available direct from the dealership F&I software from The Reynolds and Reynolds Company and ADP Dealer Services, Inc.

"NAE has a great presence in the industry and we see a lot of growth on their horizon," said Mark Virag, Managing Director of PEN. "PEN looks forward to being a key partner to support NAE business efficiency." PEN is an electronic data exchange that streamlines the sales process by integrating the F&I product provider with dealers' point-of-sale systems, whether through a menu or directly with the DMS. This unique integration approach eliminates the need for separate applications to enable eContracting for aftermarket products. Functions include electronic ratings, forms preparation and contract origination.

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About Provider Exchange Network

A division of Open Dealer Exchange, Provider Exchange Network (PEN) focuses solely on the relationship between the F&I product provider and their dealer's preferred software application, such as the dealer management system (DMS) or electronic menu. Using exclusive Patent Pending technology, PEN connects various dealer service providers, menu companies and administrative systems to the majority of dealerships in the United States with the most advanced connection in the industry. The flow of information through PEN reduces costs for the provider through rapid, accurate and secure transactions in a paperless process that is easy for all parties involved. For more information on PEN, please visit

About Open Dealer Exchange, LLC

A joint venture between ADP Dealer Services, Inc. and The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, Open Dealer Exchange is a technology leader within the automotive F&I process for connecting lenders and F&I product providers with their dealer partners throughout the United States and Canada. By providing a direct connection into the dealership's main network — the DMS — Open Dealer Exchange virtually removes the need for the dealer to leave their system-of-record during the F&I process. This innovative process results in increased operational efficiencies, reduced contract errors, and a more streamlined process with a lender or provider's franchised dealerships. For more information on Open Dealer Exchange and its divisions, please visit

About National Automotive Experts

National Automotive Experts is based out of Cleveland, Ohio and promotes and administers various automotive related aftermarket products for dealers and agencies. NAE products include: The exclusive Warranty Forever Program, No Use No Lose, a service contract refund program, Service Contracts, Limited Warranties, Windshield, Dent & Ding, Paint, Fabric and Theft Protection. NAE also assists dealers in opening reinsurance positions to enhance the overall profitability of their stores. For additional information about National Automotive Experts and their offerings, please contact Bob Mancuso at 877.222.1645.

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