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ADP Teams Up with Provider Exchange Network for F&I Product Rating and Contracting

New solution from ADP allows F&I managers to rate and contract more accurately

HOFFMAN ESTATES, ILLINOIS, February 6, 2013 – ADP Dealer Services has announced the release of F&I Product Rating and Contracting, a digital pipeline that connects clients' dealer management systems (DMS) directly to F&I product and service providers. Through integration with Provider Exchange Network (PEN), this free solution helps F&I Managers accurately rate and contract F&I products and services instantly within a deal, keeping them focused on their customer's needs. Integration with PEN helps dealers eliminate the paradigm of manual rate books and searching external websites, replacing them with real-time rating and contracting direct from providers.

"PEN allows us to give dealers a simple, on demand process of rating and contracting, ultimately helping them save time, which they can then spend closing deals and improving their customers' experiences," says Joe Bihner, Vice President, GM Front End Operations. "Efficiency is everything in the industry today, so automating steps within a deal that are time-consuming, yet necessary, will help dealerships gain an advantage over the competition."

Not only do dealers benefit, but providers do as well. Providers will receive fewer errors and incomplete forms as well as no longer having to manage preprinted forms. They will be able to send out instant updates on pricing to all dealerships, helping to increase efficiency and productivity.

Dealers who integrate their DMS with PEN can help save time during the F&I process by eliminating the need for redundant manual entry and reducing keying errors. PEN helps dealers simplify their rating and contracting process with an easy point-and-click interface. They will also enjoy much more flexible printing options, since there is no need for additional printing hardware.

"We feel that integrating the ADP DMS with PEN is going to be beneficial for all parties involved," said Bihner. "Dealers will have more accurate information for their customers, and providers will be able to supply dealers with updated information more frequently. PEN can help increase both the quantity and quality of deals moving forward."

This free solution is available with ADP Drive 1.5 or higher.

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About Provider Exchange Network

A division of Open Dealer Exchange, Provider Exchange Network (PEN) focuses solely on the relationship between the F&I product provider and their dealer's preferred software application, such as the dealer management system (DMS) or electronic menu. Using exclusive Patent Pending technology, PEN connects various dealer service providers, menu companies and administrative systems to the majority of dealerships in the United States with the most advanced connection in the industry. The flow of information through PEN reduces costs for the provider through rapid, accurate and secure transactions in a paperless process that is easy for all parties involved. For more information on PEN, please visit

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A joint venture between ADP Dealer Services, Inc. and The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, Open Dealer Exchange is a technology leader within the automotive F&I process for connecting lenders and F&I product providers with their dealer partners throughout the United States and Canada. By providing a direct connection into the dealership's main network — the DMS — Open Dealer Exchange virtually removes the need for the dealer to leave their system-of-record during the F&I process. This innovative process results in increased operational efficiencies, reduced contract errors, and a more streamlined process with a lender or provider's franchised dealerships. For more information on Open Dealer Exchange and its divisions, please visit

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