What is Provider
Exchange Network?

Provider Exchange Network –or PEN—is an electronic data exchange that streamlines the sales process by integrating the F&I Product Provider with the Dealers’ point-of-sale system. PEN connects the Provider to a network of Dealer Systems including DMS, Menu, and Specialty Applications.

The Industry wants and needs eContracting and PEN enables Dealer adoption through unmatched, flexible integration.

How Does PEN Work?

PEN connects many aftermarket Product Providers to many Dealer System Providers.

We focus on the relationship between the Product Provider and the dealership’s preferred Dealer System Provider (DSP). DSP is a broad term for the software used by Dealers to promote the sale of aftermarket products. These systems include the DMS, Menu, and Specialty Applications.

PEN standardizes data between hundreds of systems to make eContracting easier and traditional methods obsolete. Our Integrated eContracting technology eliminates the need for:

X DMS Forms      X Portal Integration       X Separate Dealer Portals to eContract

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The PEN technology enables seamless aftermarket product eContracting through electronic ratings, forms and contract origination, streamlining the sales and administrative process.

We help a Provider become more integrated into a Dealer’s workflow while PEN connected Dealer Systems enjoy the benefits of a more robust Dealer solution- without the heavy lifting.


eRating enables Dealers to use their DMS, Menu or Specialty Application to receive accurate, real-time aftermarket product eligibility and pricing from the Provider directly into their current software.


Aftermarket product eContracting complements the Provider’s System by eContracting in the Dealer’s System. The correct forms are sent by the Provider to the Dealer’s System and are automatically registered in the Provider’s Portal.

PEN Services

We help Providers and Agents take full advantage of the PEN integration technology through eContracting educational and business support, and customized resources.

Who We Serve

PEN is dedicated to servicing 140+ Product Providers and Administrators, supporting aftermarket products such as VSC, GAP, and Tire & Wheel with integration to 40+ Dealer-based systems including the DMS, Menu, and Specialty Applications.


Enjoy flexible integration with the systems Dealers already use to sell aftermarket products. Integrated eContracting is an extension of your existing eContracting functionality.

In the News

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PEN Becomes an LLC

Many of our accomplishments over the years has been due to a focus on extensive market knowledge of automotive sales and even more so, F&I. As a result of this strong and consistent business success, the legal structure of Open Dealer Exchange (ODE) has now grown into multiple entities and Provider Exchange Network is now a limited liability company (LLC) that is wholly owned by ODE.

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Each ODE business unit (700 Credit, LLC; Deal Exchange, LLC; Provider Exchange Network, LLC) have a similar user base, primarily F&I managers, but a unique set of customers (Providers for PEN). Each require a highly dedicated staff with domain expertise. We have reached a scale and capacity level enabling us to expand our value propositions to other parts of auto dealerships and non-automotive sectors.

The business functions for each division are now housed in their respective LLCs.


Our customers will see no change in the technology or integration as a result of this legal restructuring. PEN still retains a unified culture, coordinated goals, and strategies.

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Provider Exchange Network Overview


Download our 2-page overview outlining of how PEN works, what makes us stand apart, and the features and benefits of our technology.

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PEN helps make eContracting easier for everyone!

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Agent Leadership Guide

Valuable Resource Materials for Agents

Ron Greer, Vice President of PEN Services, talks about assisting Agents nationwide.

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Click here to read Ron’s Agent Summit interview to learn more about engaging dealers to effectively use their retail technology and how PEN Services can help. Also, download our Agent Leadership Guide and eContracting Vital Signs Checklist before the next Dealer visit.

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