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List Pen Dealer System


Dealers equipped with electronic signature pads can have customers complete the deal with digital electronic signatures. Or, they can ink sign all documents and scan/fax to us you. Either way, you get all the right information electronically and directly into your system.

Benefits for you:

  • All data is sent to you electronically

  • Contracts are sent instantly to you instead of through the mail
  • No keying in data to your system from paper contracts
  • Immediate access to product sales data
  • Access to data to streamline the dealer remittance process

Benefits for your dealers:

  • Automatic registration of contracts eliminates paper or need to go to a separate website


In the News

Don’t Wait for Agent Summit to be Rescheduled

PEN Services has resource materials available for Providers, particularly around the Dealer Onboarding Process for Integrated eContracting and Dealer Support. How much have you seen?

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Schedule a 30-minute meeting with a PEN Services Team Member to discuss customizing resources for your Agency.

Why schedule a meeting today?

  • Ease the confusion & frustration around Dealer Product Integration
  • Discuss an Agency’s importance in a Dealer’s F&I Process & Technology
  • Get free materials from PEN to help your Field Agents

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The Dealer Onboarding Process Video

The Dealer Onboarding Process

Watch a 10 minute video about the Dealer Onboarding Process for Integrated eContracting.

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The video does into the three stages that should take place when a Dealer has made the decision to use Integrated eContracting for selling their F&I Products: Planning, Implementing, and Follow Up.

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Agent Leadership Guide

Resource Materials for Agents

Ron Greer, Vice President of PEN Services, talks about assisting Agents nationwide.

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Click here to read Ron’s Agent Summit interview to learn more about engaging dealers to effectively use their retail technology and how PEN Services can help. Also, download our Agent Leadership Guide and eContracting Vital Signs Checklist before the next Dealer visit.

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After learning about PEN, contact us to learn more about how your business can benefit by integrating to our network.